The Inspection – Flash Fiction


Copyright Victor and Sarah Potter

So we failed, she turns up on our doorstep, unannounced in her white gloves and all to high standards, walks into the kitchen and what was hanging from the light?

“You wouldn’t believe how quick spider’s build their webs.”

I keep telling her and…

“We just have a high inhabits of eight legged friends,”

but she just laughs.

It doesn’t help that her perfect son is scared of them anyway, so three guesses who gets to capture the damn things?

Bloody perfect up bring and boarding school education and he is scared of spiders where did I find this loon?


I wanted to get in as soon as possible for Friday Fictioners as I keep missing it otherwise. Thanks as always to Rochelle who forever is managing to find these pictures to inspire us into writing something in 100 words.

Today has been a shite kinda MS day, including failing asleep at my desk and coming home and seemingly sleeping loads that I decided I had better get up and do something!

Lots of positives in my writing journey, so if another has nothing better to do, I have 10,000 words I could do with someone dictating!



Ode to IRS- Friday Fictioners

It was my turn for my picture to be the prompt for this weeks Friday Fictioners and I have some how read everyone’s interpretations. It is a bit scary how many people wrote about me!!  HAHA

So here we go.

Ode to IRS


They sent her home, she was too ill to work, and then the doctor signed her off sick.

Last time she had left her desk for so long they kidnapped her penguins and held them to ransom, putting them through all sorts of torture.

They told her to rest and that her health was more important than Bonds, but her work was her life and without it she felt like nothing.

She’d have to cope with kid’s television and her children’s arguments while resting on the sofa.

One day she’d return but for now she had to rest and sleep.


Thanks Rochelle as always for hosting and thanks to everyone who has taken part : )

MS – When Sleeping Becomes More Important!

Bad day yesterday!


I got up showered, drank hot chocolate, made it to the bus and I was almost in Nottingham and I was like I feel like shit! I need to go back to bed.

Making it into work, I did the “morning” thing, got to my desk to be asked how my heath was and I was like I’m undecided. To cut a long story short I then ended up coming home and an hour after I arrived back at work I slept! urg! More or less spending most of yesterday in bed asleep! Which means this morning I had to get out of bed as I don’t think I an possibly sleep much more. Though I am sat here now thinking I could go back..

I’ve done the hot chocolate thing this morning and about to take my tablets! I was going to do some of my story but staring at it like i’m not interested! I’ve got a course to go on at midday in Nottingham about twitter and in the silence of the ticking of the clock I want to sleep again.

So once again my stupid heath is against me and all I want to do is sleep!

MS Sucks

I am once again experiencing issues 😦

I wish I could get you guys to feel what it feels like when you just stare at a computer and don’t actually know wtf you are doing?

I was sat at work today trying to concentrate on what ever it was and I just spent half the time staring at it and the other time closing my eyes tightly in hope it would seem clearier when I opened them. I could stare into space for hours I am not avoiding work (I gave up and came home around 3) I just generally don’t know wtf I am doing! The feeling of utter confusion yet I should know what I am doing, except someones moved the information and I can’t locate the answer.

My arms ache and all I want to do is sleep!

Please if you could restore all the information in my head I’d be grateful!

HAHA and the best bit, there is bugger all the medical profession will do about it as it’s not deemed to be disabling enough…

It’s at this time the songs always come to my mind “fight the good fight” Our Lady Peace “hobloo” Muse

Anyone wants me I am probably curled up in a little ball somewhere crying!



So I have MS (Multiple sclerosis) its such a great illness I can’t even spell it

Today I went to Oxford (108miles each way) to take part in some research to see if Coco can improve fatigue and I am sat in bed having been up since 5am waiting for Frozen to finish so my daughter goes to sleep! So anyway by the end of the week I will be drinking hot chocolate in the morning to see if it helps, so fingers crossed on that one. But I met someone who really inspired me today.

She kinda made me wish I could be a research assistant! and also she said that I should continue blogging and just write what ever (haha) so here we are AGAIN!

We have had a family death which came as a bit of a shock to all concerned! Esp as I get a call at work on Friday telling me I need to come home so I can get Melanie from school. So thats been hard, on two accounts I am supporting my husband and children in some degree while feeling it myself! But I guess it’s a bit like when Andrew’s best mate dieded.

my story seems to be at a stand still 😦 I am still in my three month period to whether I will be accepted by my chosen mentor…) maybe I am better off dictating it!But I’ve just not had the time to do anymore dictating… So maybe tomorrow..

Anyways enough rambling



Love Me Like You Do…

I have tried so hard today to be positive and also while I have been home this evening, not shout at the little people.

So this morning, I did 15 minutes of meditating, though I did wonder if I just fell back asleep? The I got up and wrote in my greatness journal, then showered and work.

I said thank you to everyone who answered my questions on email, especially in regards to my bus pass.

I went and spoke to a colleague whose partner has MS, recently diagnosed and she is in a really bad way 😦 and I just wish there was something I could do. I am so lucky that I don’t have it that badly… It really is heart breaking. I wrote them a letter and apparently it is still sitting on their mantel piece, part of me wonders if I should send her another one. But what would I say!? As we all know I can ramble on for hours…

I also managed to do some planning for my writing czfkqdewqaaowab-jpg-largewhich I was going to do some more of tonight but I think time might be against me! As I need to do some relaxation before Andrew gets home and then sleep!

I filled in my journal after dinner, so I guess day one has been pretty easy, it’s been hard not to shout at the kids,

I also saw a 10 day cruise with p&o and it’s a really good price, till you discover your husband can’t get the time off work, as he has used all his holidays and doesn’t get anymore till May.. nevermind the small matter of the school holidays and taking the kids out in term time. So I guess that won’t be happening. But I am trying to stay positive.

I paid for the work Christmas social so I can be more social

I emailed my mum and asked if she could have the kids so Andrew and I could spend some time together and whether she wanted to fo to parkrun with me on Saturday.

I can’t do anything about the mentoring thing, until my creative writing teacher comes back.

I also made good progress in the book I am reading, got past the 50% Mark which is definitely progress 😀

Also would I still like that song if it wasn’t attached to a said book / movie that I haven’t seen or read.

Anyways all is well, 🙂


Still with the dead body

Life got in the way yesterday so I didn’t get chance to blog, but nothing was really missed I tried to write some more while watching the Apprentice! So you can guess how much I got done. I’ve still not been out to take photos! I am in a bit of a muddle over who would turn up at a crime scene from “Long Eaton” police office. I am in two minds whether to just walk into the police station tomorrow, but then I thought about emailing a CPO?

Though then again I am typing this as I watch Criminal Minds!

I did manage to write some while at work today haha while waiting for the systems to work. But I think I am getting hung up on the venue and the view around where the “body” is found instead of concentrating on the story. But I sorta feel I need to work out who works at the Long Eaton station!? But at the same time does it matter if I invent some detectives that work in Long Eaton? As the story isn’t about the local police force as such it can’t matter if I have got the right number of police officers in the right place??

Nevermind the issues with forensics and getting that right! haha maybe I should concentrate on insurance!?

Health has been better I guess but that might be because I did a lot of sleeping yesterday 🙂 🙂 🙂 my legs are still “painful” Andrew suggested seeing if the drs would put me on something for the winter months!? But I guess for as long as I can “cope with it” and it doesn’t effect work then…

Day one of the rest of your life

So I have just written the first chapter / bit of my story.

I have already had some fun with google when I typed..

“The pot plants that were in various stages of” and it came up with pages about growing weed! Erm no plants that live in pots that you find in offices? Is decay a good word???

My health has been shit today so I really should be asleep…

Writing class tomorrow 🙂