365 Questions – Week Two

I am reading: Perfect Remains by Helen Fields, I am likely to finish this tomorrow, train journey!

What is the last “good” thing you ate?
I’ve just had Chinese for dinner, and it was REALLY nice, more nice than normal! Though I haven’t eaten very well today, so that might be why.
What is your current favorite snack?
Double chocolate Digestives, when I can find them.
What made you smile today?
Melanie, while tiding her bedroom
What’s your favorite accessory?
My charm bracelet and locket.
What is making you mad?
Melanie messing around at the dinner table (daily)
What did you have for dinner today?
What did you get done?
Melanie’s bedroom “tidied” kitchen cleaned, worked on my synopsis.
365 questions, five year journal
Other news, there isn’t really any, other than this pain behind my right eye and my attempt to write a synopsis…. and a very stressful Friday, I hope I never have to go through again anytime soon!
Firefighter wife club – founding member

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