Ode to IRS- Friday Fictioners

It was my turn for my picture to be the prompt for this weeks Friday Fictioners and I have some how read everyone’s interpretations. It is a bit scary how many people wrote about me!!  HAHA

So here we go.

Ode to IRS


They sent her home, she was too ill to work, and then the doctor signed her off sick.

Last time she had left her desk for so long they kidnapped her penguins and held them to ransom, putting them through all sorts of torture.

They told her to rest and that her health was more important than Bonds, but her work was her life and without it she felt like nothing.

She’d have to cope with kid’s television and her children’s arguments while resting on the sofa.

One day she’d return but for now she had to rest and sleep.


Thanks Rochelle as always for hosting and thanks to everyone who has taken part : )

20 thoughts on “Ode to IRS- Friday Fictioners

  1. Nothing like being forced to stay home when one is obsessed with work (or is that wanting to get away from home?)
    (small typo maybe, one day she’d instead of she’s?)


  2. Interesting tale — you picked up on the birds instead of the staples.
    I’m not sure if I’m getting this right but are you making her needing psychiatric care?
    The part about torturing the penguins made me think of a couple of women I knew who halucinated about being “experimented on” and/or poisoned while in a psychiatric hospital.

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    1. When I first started at IRS, I had to scan loads of things in so it was easier to put all the staples in a cup than in a bin. Thus that cup hold 7 almost 8 years worth of staples from various things.

      I have MS, and I am really bad at going to work when I should be off so I kinda make myself worse, so the story is kinda a memoir.

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  3. Dear Claire,

    A pastor friend of mine had a sheep collection. I once kidnapped some of them and left him a ransom note. Those stuffed animals are great fun. I felt for your MC. Thanks for a great picture. It inspired a lot of imaginations. You never know where these FF’rs will go.



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  4. Nice one. Thanks for the photo for this week. We had a similar situation at work when stuffed animals went missing and then had their selfies posted. Shocking I tell you, shocking.


  5. I’m thinking the medication she might be taking has something to do with the penguins. I hope she soon feels better and can return to work. Someone gave me too much cough syrup one time and I saw things floating in front of me that weren’t there. It was strange. Good writing, C. 🙂 — Suzanne

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